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Lechon Paksiw – Liempo left over

Lechon Paksiw
Lechon Paksiw

Another left over food make over, we had roasted liempo (pork belly) last night and there was more than enough for the two of us. This morning it’s already a day since it was cooked the meat gets quite dry and chewy , I have to do a make over to make the eating experience enjoyable.

Lechon Paksiw is commonly cooked if there is Lechon (Roast) leftovers usually from occasions like fiesta. You can also use lechon kawali (Pan-Fried) leftovers.

Paksiw is a local filipino dish where food is cooked with vinegar, garlic and onion. The Lechon Paksiw adds Lechon sauce or gravy that makes it more special than the usual paksiw.

So instead of reheating the Lechon (which just makes the meat dry) Filipinos transform it to a lechon paksiw which makes it more flavorful and enjoyable.

Lechon left overs
Lechon sauce (I prefer Mang Tomas)
Onion and Garlic
Black Pepper
Soy Sauce
Laurel Bay Leaf
Optionals: water or pork stock

How to Cook:
Saute garlic and onion until brown
add lechon
add soysauce and black pepper
pour in lechon sauce let boil (add water if needed)
add vinegar let simmer
add sugar
sprinkle with crushed laurel leaves


Sweet and Sour Sardines

Sweet and Sour Sardines
Sweet and Sour Sardines

Again since I don’t want to go out to buy ingredients I can only use what is available in the kitchen, I only have a canned sardines in tomato sauce. I remember this dish that I always cook since I was a kid, so I decided to cook it and share it to you guys. Continue reading “Sweet and Sour Sardines”

Pancit Canton de Lechon Macau

Leftovers turned to Special Pancit Canton
Leftovers turned to Special Pancit Canton

We had dinner in a Chinese restaurant the night before and got some lechon macau leftovers, the next day I turned it to a special dish, We only have an Instant Pancit Canton available in the kitchen, I don’t have time to buy other ingredients but still managed to make it a sumptuous meal. Continue reading “Pancit Canton de Lechon Macau”


Bagis is another Kapampangan dish, it is basically just a stir fry ground beef, what makes it special is how it is marinated usually by Calamansi or Lemon, and yes it is indeed another favorite pulutan. And here is my version of Bagis Continue reading “Bagis”

Sal’e – Chicken Lemon Grass Soup

Sal’e or Tanglad (Lemon grass) in kapampangan, here is an easy recipe that I have learned during my stay in Pampanga, most of the time we cook it as a pulutan ( beer match ), or after drinking session soup to lessen hangover serve it very hot (pang tanggal amats  – tama) it is so easy to cook yet very tasty.

Continue reading “Sal’e – Chicken Lemon Grass Soup”

Bistek Tagalog

And since my girlfriend is pregnant and craving for Bistek Tagalog, I have to run to the grocery store to buy the ingredients for the “Bistek Tagalog” (Pinoy Version of Beef Steak)

As of this writing the price of Beef Sirloin is PhP 450-480 (quite expensive)

Continue reading “Bistek Tagalog”

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