Alright, A lot of my friends is asking me how to invest in bitcoin, Bitcoin is on a hype right now so more and more people is getting interested, there are a lot of ways to earn Bitcoins I will discuss it  later as we go on, but now let’s talk about the essentials.

Before you invest in to something it is obviously you need to know what you are getting into, you should know the What, Do’s and Don’t and the Risks.

But if you really want to get a Bitcoin and be part of the craze here is how:

Create a Bitcoin Wallet:
First you will need a Bitcoin wallet, the fastest and easiest way to get one is through online wallet, in the Philippines the most commonly used here is This online wallet is capable of so many things, like you can pay your bills online, buy load in a discounted price, and you can cash-in/ cash-out without requiring a Bank account. Here is the Steps on creating account with

Step 1: Click the link to create account with
Step 2: You can register using your mobile number or your email address.
Step 3: Verify your account, Level 1 verification is enough to get you started, but if you expect that you will be transacting more than PhP 50,000 daily then I suggest to go all the way up to Level 2
Step 4: Once account is verified, you may now start to deposit funds to your wallet. I am using Cebuana Lhuillier since it is the cheapest and most accessible remittance center plus it is instant cash-in right after payment no need to wait for 24 hours to reflect on your account.

Since you can already buy/ convert your PhP to BTC directly using you can do the Buy – Hold Strategy, Buy BTC when it is low then hold it until it goes up to a certain price before you sell.

Next we will discuss how to earn bitcoin in the Philippines, please stay tuned 🙂