Sweet and Sour Sardines
Sweet and Sour Sardines

Again since I don’t want to go out to buy ingredients I can only use what is available in the kitchen, I only have a canned sardines in tomato sauce. I remember this dish that I always cook since I was a kid, so I decided to cook it and share it to you guys.

A can of tomato sardines
Ground black pepper
Patis / Fish sauce

How to cook:
Take out the sardines from the tomato sauce, let it dry
Fry the sardines until brown or crisp, take it out from frying pan, set aside
Pour in the tomato sauce in the pan at low heat
Pour in vinegar
add ketchup to adjust if tomato sauce looks not enough
Put sugar and pepper
let it simmer until sauce thickens
add patis to taste

You can serve the sauce seperately or mix it with the fish, it’s up to you… enjoy!