Leftovers turned to Special Pancit Canton
Leftovers turned to Special Pancit Canton

We had dinner in a Chinese restaurant the night before and got some lechon macau leftovers, the next day I turned it to a special dish, We only have an Instant Pancit Canton available in the kitchen, I don’t have time to buy other ingredients but still managed to make it a sumptuous meal.

Lechon Macau Leftovers
Lucky me instant Pancit Canton
Water just deep enough to soak the noodles

How to cook:
Fry the lechon macau left overs until it turns brown or crisp, set aside
Boil the water put a little oil
Put the pancit noodles let it simmer until water is almost dry, mix in the seasonings
Then put the Lechon Macau and garnish it with vegetables