Sal’e or Tanglad (Lemon grass) in kapampangan, here is an easy recipe that I have learned during my stay in Pampanga, most of the time we cook it as a pulutan ( beer match ), or after drinking session soup to lessen hangover serve it very hot (pang tanggal amats  – tama) it is so easy to cook yet very tasty.

The main ingredient for this is lemon grass which is very common in the Philippines you can find it in almost every residence, in every garden, in every vacant lot and in almost all the groceries and supermarkets.

Next is the Native Chicken and since that Native chicken is hard to find you may want to get a soup pack which you can buy in grocers as alternative, it is cheap, it doesn’t have much meat but it is the tastiest cut for chicken that in my opinion is most suitable for soups. ( and that is why it is called “Soup Pack” ;-P )

Native Chicken
Chicken Broth
Lemon Grass (5-6 leaves 8-12 inches long each knotted together, adding more leaves the better, the tastier)
Patis/ Fish Sauce
Ground Black Pepper
4 cups Water (or just deep enough to soak the chicken completely)

Onion, Garlic, Ginger, Dahon ng sili ( Chili leaves ) and Sili Labuyo ( Red chillies )

How to Cook:

Mix all the ingredients (you may add up the optionals) and bring to a boil until chicken is cooked and tender ( until the chicken oil comes out and floats… umami!), adjust taste by adding more patis and pepper.

Garnish it with shredded siling labuyo for an extra kick of spiciness.

See?!!! Sooo easy!!! ;-P